hiresstock premium and free hi res stock photos for designers

Hiresstock Yearly Membership

$10.00 / year


Product Description

The unlimited source of photos for graphics.

Every day, you as a web designer, theme designer, or even a blog writer, surely need a lot of photos to do your job, whether it is for business, start-ups, or even blog. You need not only pictures, but great ones, as great illustrations to fully describe your works. And Hiresstock PREMIUM is the best means to get even more photos from Hiresstock.

You can have in a very easy way. After you subscribed, you’ll get COST packs monthly, right into your e-mail. You don’t need to hunt photos anymore. Our collections will be sent right into your inbox!

Look at the sneak peek of the most up to date packs listed below, and do consider to subscribe. It’s simply $10/year, a lot less than the amount you spent in the pub last time.

– Can I use those pictures in my templates? Yes.
– Can I use those pictures for advertisement jobs? Yes.
– Can I resell the graphics? Nope.
– Can I offer styles for some photos in design? Yes.
– Can I unsubscribe anytime? Yes.

How much images will I get? 100+ on a monthly basis. Sometimes it’s 150, in some cases 300.


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